For Mac OS X Virtual Machine - go to my
For other Desktop OS like Windows 95, 98, Vista and Linux Virtual Machines chat with me below

My offer:

Connect remotely online to your own Windows Desktop Virtual Machine -

Completely configured and ready to use!
Have full root admin access to it with provided admin password. Download and Install what you want!

Just like having your own personal private PC within like an hour! I am excited about it :-)!


Very fast access:


One simple web page as a control panel!

Click a button to start up your virtual machine whenever you want to!

Connect remotely using a very simple app from, other options available on request.
Use Teamviewer's file transfer feature.

You don't need to fiddle with FTP logins, folders, VNC ports, and other nonsense!

Everything is in just 1 web page! Amazing!


This offer is for occasional users only. My software doesn't count time, so I trust people will not abuse it. If you have to work for half a day no problem. Use it, enjoy it, shut it down afterwards. Come later. During the day the load is very light anyway. Occasional users, yes, but it doesn't mean don't use at all :-). 
So far everybody was using it fairly, some more, some less, and I appreciate that. There is enough capacity, so don't worry about that.

It's just not suited for people who will be using it non-stop for days every day, or who will be overloading it with non-stop compilation jobs making it a node of a server farm.
That's why I can offer it to many people at such a low price.

If you have special requests, let me know.

What is a Virtual Machine?

It's a complete and independent computer with it's own RAM and HDD, sharing the main CPU, running as a software process. VMWare is the application running on my Server that administers all virtual machines. It's HDD is just a bunch of files on my Server taking about ~30Gb per VM. So it's like having an access to an actual PC, with your own admin login and password and your own HDD. Each app you run thinks it's in a normal Mac. One VM doesn't know about the other one.


It's just like having your own private PC.
You have admin rights, you can install what you want
Start and shutdown when you want
Virtual Machine actually consumes less RAM than the real one
Performance is almost like a real one thanks to built into Intel's virtualization system
And it takes no desktop space, consumes no electricity, takes no time from you to set up.
It's a winner! It's a fantastic use of technology if you ask me.


Each Virtual Machine has enough RAM: 2Gb dedicated (guaranteed at all times) You will see that for a virtual machine it's enough and you will have 500Mb free almost all the time.

14 GB of free disk space, which is also a lot. 42Gb total.

2 cores per Virtual Machine.

Internet connection is very fast: 10Mbit upload, 25MBit download. Fiber optic to my building.

It uses my own custom written software to start a virtual machine through a web page.


Virtual Machines are running only while they are used.


So they are not all running at the same time overloading the whole system. People start when they need it and shut down when they are done. My job is to watch the load/statistics. And so far the load is light.
That's how I can offer it to a large number of people.

About me

I am Daniel. I am the co-founder of Spline Technologies, a company specializing in ASP, VBScript and JavaScript debugging tools, since 1999:, and we also develop interesting iOS apps:,,


If you have any questions always let me know! I can always recommend something and find a solution.
I want to talk to people, I don't want them to spend thousands, I want to share, I want enthusiastic people.

I have my own projects, don't be silly, I am not stealing yours. I glance over VMs to check on them.  There is nothing important for me in your projects. Github is filled with a lot of curious and useful opensource projects, why don't I use them instead of yours?

So don't be silly and think "oh my god somebody steals my super million dollar project". Nobody needs it but you.

Daniel @ iwebclipboard com
Montreal, Canada


Why do I do this?

I create value for people! I contribute. And that excites me! I see people coming in and doing their stuff. Each one would otherwise have to spend thousands for a new Mac or PC. I saved them that money and half a day to set it up. I use essentially server grade hardware and high-end internet connection to create value for people. I learn in real life the business lessons of cashflow and investments. I interact with people. I see how software that I created glues all of it together.

How the request comes to my server, and then to my Mac and my software starts a VM.

All those nuances that make it work and make you scratch your head :-)

This is an amazing experience and I am very proud of what I did.

What to do after you subscribe:

Send me additional info, if you want:
Choose a name of your Virtual Machine, by default I either use your First name. Last name or company name
Tell me the email to whom should I send the connection details, sometimes it's not the one used for payments
And an email of the person who will use it

I already have several cloned Viritual Machines almost ready
I just install TeamViewer into yours, rename it, and make sure my software starts yours automatically.
Then I prepare an email with all the details and send it.
Overall it takes about 30 minutes to complete all of this.
I do that right after I receive your subscription order. I am not waiting for days before doing it :-)
You can be sure you will get it pretty soon, don't worry about it.

Cancellations do happen so here is how it goes:

I don't make a big deal about it. Basically you can cancel anytime, but once you cancel it or skip 1 payment, I remove your Virtual Machine right away. It's really not comfortable for me to find out when your period ends and schedule it in my calendar and  wait until the end of your period, so this is how I do it, I remove it right away.
This frees up the space that it takes, actually it takes about 30GB of HDD so it's a lot of space.
And then new customers come in and they need that space for their Virtual Machine.
I appreciate it!

Customers Say:

"The speed is awesome, it's really fast. It's better than your competition!!!" - Lisa, PA, USA
"I've been extremely impressed both with the quality of the product and especially your support which has been exceptional. It is rare to find places online that are so helpful." - Jason, Australia

Subscribe and start using it today!

Open also during weekends! Don't delay! Let's subscribe and have some fun!

I keep it very simple. I trust people and they all use it fairly.

2 CPU Cores and 2Gb of RAM = $30 USD per month (valid until end of the week):   

Which OS do you want:

Which Windows OS do you want?


Subscribe Now! And startusing it today!


I want people from around the world because this naturally loads the machine uniformely during the day.  

Let me know what you think
 We are PayPal Verified. Since 1999.


Daniel @ iwebclipboard com

1.514.316.8409 in Canada
1504-1436 rue Mackay
Montreal, Quebec
H3G 2H8 Canada

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