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My Offer:

My photoConnect remotely to your own Dedicated Mac Virtual Machine - Cloud Mac running
latest licensed macOS with XCode and Xamarin, Visual Studio for Mac!
With your own private iOS Simulator!
Completely configured and ready to use!
Upload to App Store!
Build and sign your app
with your Apple's IOS Developer License, Certificates and Provisioning Profiles!
Download and Install what you want!

Have full root admin access to it with provided admin password.
This means you get full control of your Mac, so you can install any SDK, API or any app that you need:
Corona SDK, PhoneGap, Cordova, Xamarin Studio, Titanium Studio, GameSalad, Stencyl, Embarcadero RAD XE, ShiVa3D, Haxe, Mono, MonoDevelop, MonoTouch, MoSync, Qt Creator, BuzzTouch, LiveCode from RunRev, Unity, Vellum or any other SDK you use, plus any browser and Mac app you want!

Set any screen resolution, for example 1920x1080, 2560x1600 and work with full comfort on a big screen!

Use Ctrl+Drag and Drag to conveniently program and reposition views in XCode!

It's just like having your own personal private Mac! I am excited about it!

Incomparably faster than others:


It's the next best thing to owning a Mac. And it's so much cheaper, it's unbelievable!

And you don't have to spend hours downloading XCode and setting everything up yourself! Saves a lot of time!


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One simple web page as a control panel!

Click a button to start up your virtual machine whenever you want to!

Connect remotely using a very simple VNC app.

Test your app on your device with a few clicks using TestFlight in ITunesConnect !

Everything is in just 1 web page! Amazing!
Nobody else has access to your VM or even knows that it exists!


So rent a Mac online with the latest XCode running in a Mac virtual machine

I don't count or limit your time. Just don't use it as a 24/7 server. If you have to work for half a day no problem. Use it, enjoy it, shut it down afterwards. Come later. During the day the load is very light anyway. Occasional users, yes, but it doesn't mean don't use at all :-). 
So far everybody was using it fairly, some more, some less, and I appreciate that. There is enough capacity

It's just not suited for people who will be using it non-stop for days every day, or who will be overloading it with non-stop compilation jobs making it a node of a server farm.
That's why I can offer it to many people at such a low price.

If you have special requests, let me know

What is a Virtual Machine?

It's a complete and independent computer with it's own RAM and HDD, sharing the main CPU, running as a software process. VMWare is the application running on my Mac that administers all virtual machines. It's HDD is just a bunch of files on my Mac taking about ~30Gb per VM. So it's like having an access to an actual Mac, with your own admin login and password and your own HDD. Each app you run thinks it's in a normal Mac. One VM doesn't know about the other one.


It's just like having your own private Mac.
You have admin rights, you can install what you want

It's very private, nobody knows that it even exists! Nobody else can possibly access your files on your VM.
Start and shutdown when you want
You get your own iOS iPhone simulator, your own settings, just like a normal Mac
Virtual Machine actually consumes less RAM than the real one
Performance is almost like a real one thanks to built into Intel's virtualization system
Since XCode is setup already you don't have to spend hours downloading every update and setting it up yourself.
It's the next best thing to owning a Mac!
And it takes no desktop space, consumes no electricity, takes no time from you to set up.
It's a winner! It's a fantastic use of technology if you ask me.


It doesn't have a real GPU and SpriteKit doesn't work for now


Each Mac Virtual Machine has enough RAM: 8GB-16GB dedicated (guaranteed at all times).

240GB of HDD, 200 GB of free disk space, which is also a lot. It is necessary to give that much because OSX distributes the files uniformely across the entire HDD for performance reasons. If I allocate less, it slows it down. Also many SDKs take a lot of space.

4 cores per Virtual Machine - really sufficient.

They run on  5 Mac Pro with 32GB-256GB recently upgraded

Internet connections are very fast:
In Canada: 3 Mac Pros are on 1000/1000 Mbit/s speed.
Fiber optic to the building. Secondary backup internet connection just in case from another provider.
In Europe: 2 Mac Pros are on 500/500 Mbit/s pure fiber optics network connection.

It uses my own custom written software to start a virtual machine through a web page.


Virtual Machines are running only while they are used.


So they are not all running at the same time overloading the whole system. People start when they need it and shut down when they are done. My job is to watch the load/statistics. And so far the load is light.
That's how I can offer it to a large number of people.

About me

My photo

I am Daniel. I am the co-founder of Spline Technologies, a company specializing in ASP, VBScript and JavaScript debugging tools, since 1999:


If you have any questions always let me know! I can always recommend something and find a solution.
I want to talk to people, I don't want them to spend thousands, I want to share, I want enthusiastic people.

I have my own projects, don't be silly, I am not stealing yours. I glance over VMs to check on them.  There is nothing important for me in your projects. Github is filled with a lot of curious and useful opensource projects, why don't I use them instead of yours?

So don't be silly and think "oh my god somebody steals my super million dollar project".


Why do I do this?

I create value for people! I contribute. And that excites me! I see people coming in and doing their stuff. Their enthusiasm is contagious :-). Each one would otherwise have to spend thousands for a new Mac. I saved them that money and half a day to set it up. I use essentially server grade hardware and high-end internet connection to create value for people. I learn in real life the business lessons of cashflow and investments on a small scale.
I interact with people
. We discuss some new APIs together. Sometimes they offer me contracts.
I see how software that I created glues all of it together.
How the request comes to my server, and then to my Mac and my software starts a VM.

All those nuances that make it work and make you scratch your head :-)

It makes me happy to check on my Macs and notice that people connected to their VMs and worked on them.

This is an amazing experience and I am very proud that I made it happen.

"I want a big, solid company"

I understand, but let me open your eyes: every other company is essentially 1 guy show that poses as a big company. I know this from inside out, I was in the trenches of IT business for the last 15 years. There are no big companies that offer this kind of service. It is simply not a mass market product.

You see their site, it looks flashy. Cool. Do you know how much that site costs? Exactly $12 for a template that looks big. Can you call them in case of an issue? Do they give their address and phone number? Do you even know where they are located? How many macs do they have? Do they even have genuine Macs, not hackintoshes? Will you get root admin access? Can you install what you want? What is their uplink?

In every case I tried, they had 1 overloaded virtual machine with a dozen of users that was so deadly slow that I don't know how anybody can do anything on that. Does that look like a big company to you?

They pose as a big company, but in reality they are lying to you and ripping you off.


Go check it out yourself if you don't believe me, it's all up to you...


Truth is, nobody offers anything even close to what I am offering. They don't offer you an actual virtual machine, nor an actual physical machine. With them you get a remote desktop access to the same virtual mahine everybody else is using. Check their memory usage and swap file. Chances are their memory is overloaded and poor Mac OS has to use HDD instead of RAM. Also there aren't many internet connections with a good uplink, like mine. So that's why it's horibly slow. You never get full admin access with them, you can't install any software. With my solution, you get an actual your own private virtual machine, with full admin rights and admin password, on genuine Apple Mac hardware, on a very high speed uplink.


Things will never get better than this


"Why don't I buy a used old Mac?"

Don't buy it. It's a very bad idea. This only looks like a good solution. It will be very slow. If you buy older OSX, new XCode will not run on it. And it is required for latest iOS and iPhone support. And after modern Windows even modern Mac feels slow.
Older Mac will be a total disaster. And they cost a lot of money upfront.
I find Apple's approach simply revolting. We want to create apps for their platform! Each one of us can't just purchase a new Mac every year! We can't just spend thousands on them! Who do they think they are?
That's why I offer this service. So I offer a very smart low-risk solution.

What to do after you subscribe:

I manually prepare your VM. It takes about 1 hour. Let's say up to 24 hours. Chat with me if you are in a hurry. If I am not available online, don't freak out. Nobody is stealing your money. I am here all the time. I will get to it as soon as I come back.

I already have several cloned Virtual Machines almost ready
I just install TeamViewer into yours, rename it, and make sure my software starts yours automatically.
Then I prepare an email with all the details and send it.
Overall it takes about 30 minutes to complete all of this.
I do that right after I receive your subscription order. I am not waiting for days before doing it :-)
You can be sure you will get it pretty soon, don't worry about it.

How to try it

Come chat with me, I can let you connect remotely to a demo VM for ~15 minutes to test the speed


I don't make a big deal about it. People should cancel when they don't need it anymore to free space for those that need it. Basically you can cancel anytime right from your own paypal account and there will be no more recurring payments. So no strings attached and no commitments.
After you cancel I ask you if I can delete your VM. I want to make sure you backed up your projects.
This frees up the space that it takes, actually it takes about 30GB of HDD so it's a lot of space.
And then new customers come in and they need that space for their Virtual Machine.
I appreciate it!

If a payment is skipped, I suspend your Virtual Machine until the payment goes through.

There are no refunds. I am a small company, I can't afford them. I let you cancel your subscription any time, that's all I can do, so manage your own subscription yourself.

Customers Say:

"I am very new to macs and coding so I'm glad your service is available so I don't have to purchase a mac for one class - Jacob, US

"thanks for your help! best service i have seen in a long while - Scott, US

"I was able to successfully do all the stuff I needed to. ​​I just wanted to say thank you again for your great support - and thanks, as always, for setting up such a great platform.
Your service rocks! " - Eli, Israel

"First of all - it's really fast, considering this is a TeamViewer session :)! I am very satisfied!" - Mihailo, Serbia

"You're the best! Next time I have need, for sure I will subscribe again." - William, US

"Thank you for providing such an amazing service, its saving me an absolute massive amount of money" - Patrick, US

"I take this opportunity to thank you for all your support these days. A big hug!" - Francisco, Brazil

"Everything is running smooth and your instructions are very well written. Thank you :)" - Chris, US

"Yeah, thanks! You are very nice. Best customer service I've ever had!." - Lawrence, US

"I like everything you wrote in your website. Almost purchased from the big "ones" but I believe every word written by you." - Ron, US

"Youre a legend. Thanks Daniel. Very impressed with the machine so far." - Dean, South Africa

"I would like to thank you for the great service which helped my organisation get set up with xcode compilation on your pre-built setup on day one. Great value and excellent service" - many thanks, Dominic, UK

"thank you for the excellent service, really quite impressed. " - Vik, US

"hey! xcodeclub was an amazing resource for me, and worked exactly as advertised" - Kevin, US

"Thank you for all your fast technical support during my development, it really helped!" - Joshua, Australia

"Your service was highly useful, and I was able to complete my project successfully" - Patrick, Canada

"Thanks for your help. Impressed with the performance so far, much better than every other I was using before!" - Bradley, Thailand

"I wanted to thank you for the quality and prices for you services, and at the speed you had me set-up.
You do care about your customers and do offers great support." - Jean, Canada

"Thanks a lot! I really liked your service." - Raul, Brazil

"Thank you for setting it up so quickly and everything. It's such a cool idea, and way better than any alternative service out there" - Amy, US

"I just wanted to let you know that I was really satisfied with the service and already spread a word about it among my friends" - Adam, Poland

"Anyway compliments for the offered service! I loved it" - Alberto, Italy

"I'll reach you back asap and hire the service again. It was just perfect! Many thanks!" - Alvaro, Brazil

"It works and solved my audio problems.THANK YOU!!!haha" - William, Singapore

"Thanks for your amazingly excellent service!!!" - Tuval, Israel

"Thanks for XCodeClub's service. I used it for study purposes for a while and it worked amazingly." - Pedro, Brazil

"awesome, thanks. It's working great - thanks for quick setup :). I'm a .NET developer trying to get into iOS development, and I don't yet have a Mac, so this is ideal whilst I'm learning the basics. Thanks!" - Tom, UK

"You’re an absolute star. I’m more than happy to recommend your service. I’ll do that on FB if you like. Thank you for the time and for answering all the dumb questions. A really personalised and professional experience. All the best man." - Duncan, UK

"this is a very good service wow man thanks" - Paul, US

"Daniel is amazing person who provides amazing service! Thank you. Everything was great!" - Pavel, Germany

"I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for this excellent service. I’ve been using Xcodeclub a little more now and I am very pleased with everything. It is incredibly easy and exactly how you described it on your website. I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat." - Dave, US

"It's been a HUGE help and I really appreciate it! I no longer need it, but will most definitely in the future. Thanks for you help!" - Dean, US

"You have been awesome and I will highly recommend to any and everyone!" - Brian, US

"It was a pleasure to use your VM the past month. I had no issues and performance from South Africa was very good, far better than MacinCloud, MacStadium or HostMyAplle." - Dewald, South Africa

"It was really great!! Thanks man, you deserve a medal for your good service ;)" - Bernahrd, Austria

"You give great service. I will recommend you to everyone using XCode." - Michael, Canada

"Thank you! You are awesome. Good luck in your business!" - Omar, US

"Thanks for your service. It's been a great help" - Bridgette, US

"All looks good. You just saved me $1, (I know you know it but I want you to smile)." - Bill, Australia

"Your service is even better than MacStadium, and that was on a dedicated Mac mini!" - Dewald, South Africa

"Your service is ideal for me. I can now do my packaging into an app and my qa for MAC and state that it has been tested on a Mac without having to borrow somebody's as an imposition to them and a delay to me." - Mark, CA

"Im coming from, and their service is absolutely TERRIBLE! We can hardly compile our iOS app
Your Mac is Super Fast!!! Once we get this working we'll contact you about setting up two more :)" - Michael, NY

"Hi Daniel, I just subscribed to your website. I wanna say thanks for making such an amazing service available for that amount of money" - Patrick, Netherlands

"thanks man, you are one of the best online service I met!" - Jedd, Malasya

"I am extremely satisfied with the service. Thanks again!" - Shaji, CA, USA

"Your service and support has been 5 stars, thanks!" - Mark, GA, USA

"Thank you so much for everything and you have brought me much closer to my dreams!" - Matt, CA, USA

"Thanks. Your service has worked wonders for me! I will recommend it to others!" - Chase, FL, USA

"By the way - your setup really rocks! It has worked perfectly.
Thanks again for getting it setup so quickly." - Jason, ME, USA

"I just wanted to say thank you for the great customer support and service. I'm really glad I found your site and get the chance to use your service.
I have been absolutely blown away at your remote desktop speed and connectivity.
Your service is head and shoulders above your competitors and can't recommend your service strongly enough." - John, PA, USA

"It works like a charm! No need to buy expensive Mac. Already diving into Xamarin and SWIFT. Very cool!"-Gleb, USA

"Wow. This is really excellent, very responsive!
Thank you Daniel.  This is a great service you are running." - Eric, OH, USA
"You're amazing, this is much better than MacInCloud. Thanks!! " - Jay, OK, USA
"The speed is awesome, it's really fast. It's better than your competition!!!" - Lisa, PA, USA
"I've been extremely impressed both with the quality of the product and especially your support which has been exceptional. It is rare to find places online that are so helpful." - Jason, Australia
"I think its an awesome service :) if I come back to that project, I will definitely use XCodeClub." - David, Australia
"Daniel, well done! I enjoyed your VM. Good service. I'll recommend it." - Jose, Spain
"Keep going and grow this business. You seem to be the best option among others" - Jose, Spain

"Deployed within 16 minutes! I applaud you sir! Lol. Amazon is slower" - John, Netherlands
"your service is great, helped me a lot!!! " - Daniel, Germany

"great! seems like an awesome service. :) not to mention good support :D" -Raina, USA
"I just tested and it works great! Thanks!" - Filipe, Brazil
"it is very much worth the money !!!" - Atsushi, Japan
"wow! you did that for are really kind indeed...thanks again!...
world would be better if anybody was like you ;-)" - Mark, Italy
"I <3 you!" :-) - Vagelis, Greece

"!!! You are my hero!" - Vagelis, Greece

"you r the best" - Shiya, NY, USA

"You're awesome. Thanks" - Ted, DC, USA

"Thanks, it was very, very helpful" - Norm, USA

"Brilliant!! Thanks for setting it up so quickly. " - Nitya, Australia

"yep! Thank you again!! You are the BEST!" - Jason, USA

"Thank you for creating something like this for people like me without a mac." - Maricia, USA

"wonderful. :-) we need more people like you."

"Данил! Спасибо! Очень приятно с тобой иметь дело!" - Pavel, Germany

"Oh, I just wanted to say that your offering/Service is great and I will recommend it to anyone
I do hope you grow your business to be very successful" - Brendan Wood, Ireland

"I'm very excited! I love mobile and appreciate what you do - thank you very much!" - John NY USA

"yep! Thank you again!! You are the BEST!"- Jason USA

"Daniel: So how is the speed?
Jerrian: Excellent! I am sold" - Jerrian, USA

"Your service was awesome" - Randy, USA

"Thanks for your service. I would be more than willing to recommend your services to others." - Gary, Australia

"Thanks Daniel. Awesome service! I look forward to using it!"- Andrew, USA

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"You have a great service, in my opinion the best one can find. " - Leonid, DC, USA

"Yup... it was a great service!" - Alexander, USA

"I can’t stress enough how happy I am that I found your service before I invested in a Mac." - Michael, CT, USA

"I'd also like to thank you for the service you provide, and it's been awesome.
Definitely faster than the others I've tried." - Matias, Argentina

"Keep up the great service, and I'll be sure to use it again and recommend it to my friends" - Matias, Argentina

"Thank you for Your service! You are doing a great job!!!" - Morten, Norway

"Loving your service so far. It works really well!" - Ervin, Australia

"so really just need Dropbox and whatever SDK I want? honestly you made that way too easy" - Jason, Maine, US
";-) Thank you, and thanks for working on weekends" - Jason, Maine, US

"Thank you very, very much for doing that, it is greatly appreciated" - Chris, UK

"thank you for your awesome service and incredible fast setup" - Maik, Germany

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